Building Information Modeling (BIM) Consultant

AKUALITA will help you drive value through the application of BIM on your projects and within your organisation.

1. What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with a collaborative way of creating and managing information, resulting in a more transparent and efficient way of planning, building and managing projects from start to finish. We offer BIM Consultancy Services on both landscape and non-landscape projects.

2. Providing a BIM Consultant service that promises to deliver value.

We have a team of BIM experts lead by our BIM Consultant providing a consultancy and delivery service that can support your business.

From strategic consultancy, through to training and technical delivery, our team will help ensure that your business is BIM compliant and in line with industry and standards and trends.

3. Who we work with ?

Our BIM Consultancy service has helped support a wide range of people including;

3. How can we help you?

Our service covers all aspects of BIM! We aim to make BIM easier for you. We will identify what help you require and deliver a service that you need. Whether this is strategic help or process implementation, training or technical support; our team will support your organisation so that it is working in line with industry standards.


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